Strict Adherence to Programs

Unless you’re a professional athlete (or a very serious amateur athlete), life is too unpredictable for strict adherence to programs.

Sure, you can write out the greatest training and nutrition program in the world, but what does it matter if you can’t even adhere to it? (or worse, never even start it!)

A program is just words on paper.

Life is dynamic and fluid and always changing.

And yes, even I have to be a little flexible with my programming and move things around every once and a while.

So what do I suggest doing?

Becoming more flexible and adaptable.

Now, this isn’t a license to do anything you want. You should still have some kind of routine and ways to measure progress.


You shouldn’t need everything to be “perfect” or even ideal to be consistent.

This means things like:

  • Getting some home-gym equipment for those times you can’t get to a gym (if you don’t train at home to begin with).
  • Going to a gym that’s close.
  • Learning bodyweight movements for bodyweight training.
  • Finding ways to do quick, effective conditioning.
  • Meal prepping.
  • Finding healthy “fast” food options.

And so on.

Learn to roll with the punches…and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the strongest version of yourself.