Is Life Happening FOR You, or TO You?

I find that looking at life as something that happens for you, as opposed to something that happens to you, changes the whole game.

When life happens for you, problems are challenges, and challenges are opportunities for growth, learning, and becoming a better human.

Sometimes, you might also find that problems, and thus challenges, are blessings in disguise.

For example, I’m a naturally skinny dude. In high school I was rail thin, 6′ tall and about 150 lbs soaking wet. Not very strong at all either. In fact, I remember failing a body weight back squat to get up on the strength board in my high school weight room.


Today I’m more than 30 lbs heavier and my back squat is more than double 150 lbs.

You see, If I had been more gifted in the genetics department I likely wouldn’t have had that fire to get bigger and stronger, I wouldn’t have gained the expertise of actually doing it, and I likely wouldn’t have made helping others do the same thing one of my missions in life.

I turned not-so-good genetics for strength and size into a challenge that ended up a blessing.

So begin with the mindset shift: life is happening for you, not to you.

Turn your problems into challenges that’ll make you a better human being, and you might just find that some of these challenges become blessings that were in disguise.

Note: I first heard of this concept from Tony Robbins, so I must give credit where credit is due.

Re-Framing Problems as Challenges

Re-framing problems as challenges instantly makes things more actionable and do-able.

A challenge evokes a call-to-action. It invites you to take care of it.

Re-framing problems as challenges puts the control right back in your lap. Challenge means there’s opportunity.

“The problem is that I’m weak.” No, you don’t have a weakness problem…you have a challenge to get under the bar and build some strength and size.

“I have a weight problem.” No, you don’t have a weight problem…you have a challenge to lose fat and get lean.

“I have a problem with consistency.” No, you don’t have a problem with consistency…you have a challenge to do what it takes to become the type of person who is consistent.

Don’t look at life as something that happens to you, look at life as something that happens for you.

Challenges are growth opportunities, as they give you a chance to learn, to become more resilient, and to become stronger. They give you a chance to become who you want to be.

Start shifting your mindset and re-frame your problems as challenges.